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The Basic Fundamentals Of Writing: Word Fat

With a 140 character limit every word must count on Twitter.  One easy writing tip from writing blog There Are No Rules is to trim the fat from redundant words.  Word wonks would call the headline of this post “The Basic Fundamentals of Writing”, pleonastic. A more efficient headline would have used either “Basic” or “Fundamental”, but not both.

From their post 5 Creative Writing Tips:

Pleonasm is the use of words unnecessary for clear expression. Here are some other common offenders to watch for:

• advanced warning
• circulated around
• close proximity
• close scrutiny

These redundancies seem obvious, but the phrases are used frequently so you forget about their wordiness.  I did a quick search on Twitter, and the offenses were abundant.  The Pleonasm’s above are linked to a real-time search on Twitter for the phrase.

Even if you don’t care about grammar, I hope this tip will help you get the most out of your 140.


What A Wonderful Word


While most folks bunt with easy F bomb’s, @oskarfone horked this one out of the park.

Horked sounds like an accidental snort from the nose, quite the embarrassing onomatopoeia for Amazon on Black Friday.

My favorite sounding words:

  • Kerfuffule:  a commotion or fuss
  • Sycophant: a self-seeking, servile flatterer
  • Tomfoolery: foolish or silly behavior
  • Nemesis: a formidable and usually victorious rival
  • Bamboozle: fool or cheat

Share some of your favorite words in the comments below.

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