Gaza VS Israel: The Arab Spring

by Kevin Nakao

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi

Thankfully a crisis has been averted and a cease-fire will last.  The deal was brokered by Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi.

Mursi’s ascendency to the presidency is the result of the Arab Spring that ousted Mubarak.  Mubarak has been ineffective in the past to broker such deals because he was perceived as too pro-Israel and cold to Palestinian interests.   In previous conflicts Mubarak shut down it’s borders to fleeing Palestinians, Mursi has opened them up.  Mursi comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a parent organization to Hamas.  The Brotherhood has traditionally not had a friendly stance towards Israel, and that quite possibly provided the credibility needed to convince Hamas.

Much of what I write is simply paraphrased from several articles, so this isn’t new information or particularly insightful.  I wrote this mostly as an update to a previous post.

Let’s hope this cease-fire is permanent and Egyptian President Mursi can continue to be an effective force of moderation and diplomacy.