Gaza VS Israel: The More I Know, The Less I Know

by Kevin Nakao

After reading reports of of more kids being killed in the Gaza, and the Huffington Post’s 78 point headline “Flatten All of Gaza” I wanted to know the causes of the recent Middle-Eastern flare-up.  On Saturday most of the major news sources indicated that Israel retaliated against a Hamas-claimed bomb that landed in Jerusalem.   I’ve never visited or lived in Israel but that feels pretty close to home.  I respect Israel’s right to defend itself, we would and have done the same in the US.  I decided to dig deeper to understand the other side of the story and could find no information on what led Hamas to provoke an attack.  Mind you I only spent a couple of hours doing this investigation.  A story and explanation could have been provided, I just didn’t find it.

The next day I found an article in the Atlantic where a writer based in Israel created a time line from multiple sources and both sides of the conflict.   She had to pick a starting point and puts a caveat in the article that her choice of November 8th is arbitrary.   After reading through the article, my conviction on the issue was weakened.  It really isn’t clear who really provoked the recent events — the more I know, the less I know.

The one thing I do feel is that this time I don’t think it will end well.  Bomb’s are just hitting too close to sensitive areas and Hamas’ capabilities are getting too strong for Israel not to act.   Israel’s “Iron Dome” was only able to stop 17 of the 60 rockets sent at them.  The best defense is a strong offense.

Lot’s of innocent lives will be lost and maybe it’s easier for us to accept this when we know there is a clear guilty party.  There isn’t and we can’t rationalize or accept this situation as anything less than the worst of what we stand for.  We are no better.  Remember Iraq with our non-linear retaliation for 911 and “pre-emptive” defense against weapons of mass destruction that did not exist?

I’ll leave you with an image I hope to see in the future — the flag of peace for Israel and Palestine.